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Feelings Change: That’s Okay!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Have you ever felt like some days you have it all together and others you feel all over the place? Or what works for you one day may not work the next?

Well, this kind of makes sense actually.

We wear many hats and face different circumstances each day. New experiences and past history influence our thoughts and future actions. Time passes, and we gain new perspectives. So it’s totally normal for feelings to change or even for there to be multiple versions of you at any given time depending on the situation.

You can:

  1. Be both humble and confident.

  2. Stand up for your beliefs and also sit quietly.

  3. Be soft and strong.

  4. Love openly but protect yourself.

  5. Honor commitments and change your mind.

  6. Run 10 miles one week and lay around the next (not talking about anyone in particular here )

People will see you many different ways and judge you regardless. What matters most is how you see yourself and that you recognize and accept where and, more importantly, who you are at any given moment.


By Lisa Lentz

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