Who We Are & What We Do

We’re a community of warriors determined to take control of our physical and mental health while also breaking the stigma surrounding people that live with a mental illness.


To promote the benefits of running for mental health, and, through our collective stories, defeat the stigma around mental illness.

Still I Run is a community where people can share their experience of dealing with mental illness through running or any other type of physical activity. We encourage one another to take time out of our busy lives to run for our mental health.


Through various programs we offer, we hope to educate others about running for mental health, raise mental health awareness, provide encouragement to others, and help people experiencing hardship get started in their running journey.


Our Story

Still I Run is a community that rallies around mental health. We want to run for our health, raise awareness of mental health issues, and STOP the stigma.

One in FIVE Americans will experience a mental health condition in a given year. Chances are that if you don't have a mental illness, you may know someone that does. It's a disease that does not discriminate. It can affect anyone and it's something that can't be prevented, and yet there is a ton of stigma around it.

The Still I Run community wants to help erase that stigma by participating in the conversation about mental health. If we don't talk about it because we feel ashamed, then we continue to suffer alone and in silence.

Because one of the best ways to help combat anxiety and depression (aside from medication and therapy) is through exercise and running, we combine the two. For us, running and mental health are perfect partners. The name, Still I Run, is inspired by the famous Maya Angelou poem Still I Rise. Though we may feel defeated and deflated, we can fight the good fight and get out and be healthy both physically and mentally… together.


Our Values

Defeat the Stigma

We want to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Create a Community

We want to create a community of solidarity for those with mental illness.

Inspire Others

We want to inspire others to take up running for their mental health.

Meet the Team

Still I Run is 100% volunteer run by the amazing individuals below. They handle all of the day-to-day operations of Still I Run, its programs, events, and social outreach.


Bill Johnson

Board Vice President


Kari deLongpre

Social Media Manager


Kristen Garzone

Outreach Programs and Events Assistance


Michael Camilleri

Starting Line Scholarship Program Manager


Sasha Wolff

Founder, Board President, Executive Director


Brian Reip

Run Chapter

Program Manager


Katrin Deil

Content Calendar Creator and Designer


Laura Mosher

Technical Director,
Email Campaign Manager, Website and Store Administrator


Nita Sweeney

Board Member,

Blog Editor


Sue Ann Rybak



Cori Canty Woessner

Board Secretary


Krista Bouchard

Run Chapter Captain Coordinator


Lauren Sheehan

Board Member,

Fundraising and Partnerships Chair


Patty Morse

Team Still I Run Manager, FB Group Moderator


Theodora Blanchfield

Grants and Fundraising


Emily Paszkowski

Board Finance Chair


Kristin Ferrell

Partnership Manager


Megan Jaromin

Ambassador and

Run.Write.Fight Program Manager, World Mental Health Day Race Director


Rose Willson

Donor Relations


Meet the Coaches

Deb Thurlow

Deb is a certified health and wellness coach, running coach, and pre/postnatal fitness coach. She is a new mom, school counselor, and elementary teacher. Coaching has been her passion since she started over a decade ago.


Heidi Caballero

Heidi started running to relieve stress and learned to love racing after her first Turkey Trot in 2012. She has raced countless 5ks, recently set a personal best in the half-marathon, and is currently in training for her first full-marathon. Heidi is a Level One RRCA certified coach and loves to share the magic of running.


Mandy Cherry

Mandy Cherry is an RRCA Level 1 Certified Run Coach in Dayton Ohio. Mandy specializes in beginner runners, or anyone running their first of something, be that a 5k, half marathon or a full marathon. Mandy generally coaches women & mothers, as she currently coaches for Another Mother Runner and teaches a local stroller based fitness class. When Mandy is not running & coaching she enjoys reading books (suspense is her favorite), volunteering for the PTO, & hiking with her 2 boys and husband.


Tom Coy

I’m what you might call a “born again runner.” Until about 12 years ago I was a pack a day smoker who treated his body awfully. But shortly before the birth of my second child I decided that it was past time to fix myself and to be a better example to my children. Since that point I have run 13 marathons, four Ragnar relays, and numerous other events.
After training for my second marathon, friends began to ask me advice for running and training. I knew this was something that gave me joy and helped me be a better person both physically and mentally, so I made the decision to get my coaching certificate so I can help others “find their light” as is the motto of FireFly Running.

Liz DeLise

Liz DeLise is a former track runner turned adult distance runner and running coach. She is certified as a Road Runners Club of America running coach. She has raced every distance up to 50K. As a mother of 5, she especially enjoys working with other mother runners. 


Paul Davies

Paul Davies has competed in races from 5k to 50 miles but also enjoys noncompetitive events such as running every street in Boston. As a neuroscientist, he is fascinated by how running can bring about mindfulness, and resilience by changing brain signals. Paul is a level one USATF certified coach and loves to share his love, passion and knowledge of running to help others discover their own running adventures.


Tess Jones

Tess Jones was a Division III cross country runner at St. Vincent College in Latrobe Pennsylvania. She went on to coach at the Collegiate level. She is now a marathon runner and enjoys giving back to the sport that has helped her on her mental health journey.

Free Coaching and Training

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