Over the years we've been fortunate to share our mission with various news outlets, publications, bloggers, and podcasters. Below you'll find an archival list of them all. If you'd like to share more about Still I Run with your audience, please reach out and we'd be happy to provide an interview. We're also available for speaking engagements.

FOX 17 - Grand Rapids

Still I Run: Runners on a mission to raise awareness for mental health

Apr 1, 2022

News, Television

FOX 47 - Lansing

'Mental healing in exercise': Lansing group uses running to manage and improve mental health

Mar 11, 2022

News, Television

Runner's World

5 Runners Share How Medication Plays a Role in Their Mental Health Toolkit

Jun 1, 2021

Article, Online

Women's Running

Beyond the Physical: Running Leads to Mental Health Transformations, Too

May 31, 2021

Article, Online

WZZM 13 - Grand Rapids

Starting Line Scholarship encourages those living with mental illness to take up running

May 27, 2021

Television, News

Diz Runs Podcast

Sasha Wolff Founded Still I Run To Help Raise Mental Health Awareness

May 24, 2021


Altra Running Blog

Run for Mental Health with Still I Run's Starting Line Scholarship

May 12, 2021

Article, Online

I'll have another with Lindsey Hein

Ep 314: Sasha Wolff — Founder of Still I Run; Running for Mental Health

May 7, 2021


For the Long Run

Ep. 157 Sasha Wolff: Still I Run

Apr 17, 2021



Sasha Wolff and Debbie Thurlow: Still I Run

Apr 11, 2021


Runners Without Limits

Still I Run: Runners for Mental Health Awareness

Apr 2, 2021


Women's Running

For This Baltimore Runner, Mental Health is Like Running a Marathon

Mar 19, 2021

Article, Online