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From Death to Boston

I decided to run a marathon in 2015.

Why? I nearly died from severe hyponatremia, when your blood sodium levels are below normal range. My blood sodium level was 106, which subsequently caused two grand mal seizures that required intubation. I survived this horrific and traumatic event and came out of it with an appreciation and gratitude for my body.

To celebrate the gift of life and my body, I ran a marathon.

Reaching for Boston

Like most runners, I became obsessed and I set an ambitious goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. This year, I was able to obtain this goal and last month I ran the @bostonmarathon.

I cannot believe how far I have come. I have fought so many battles to get my hands on this medal. Many of these battles could have ended it for me, but I still stand.

I have lupus, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, alcohol abuse (sober) and bulimia (behavior free). I do not let these hold me back. These make me stronger and a better runner.

You can be a runner even if you struggle with mental and/or physical illnesses. Let me be proof of this.

If I can, you can.


By Kim Sundling

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