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WHY do I love to run?

I love to run because running saved my life!

I hit rock bottom in 2020 and fell into depression. I knew I needed to consciously work on my self-healing journey. I wanted to heal so that through me, my ancestors, my children, my family and my future generations could also heal.

A dear friend inspired me to run… and I fell in love. There is no going back for me: running has helped me regain my self-esteem, it has helped me prove that I'm capable of doing whatever I put my mind into, it has brought me to the most amazing community, and it has helped me create a special bond with my children as they also love to run with me.

Self-Care and Self-Love: Running and beyond

Through running, I’ve been able to focus on three very dear causes to my heart: Mental Health Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness and Empowering Women. When I’m running I’m often focusing on these causes which I identify myself so much with. I am healing, and I wish and hope to be a support and inspiration for any person who reads my posts.

I’ve also chosen to always find something positive in every circumstance. And it has proven to be one of the best decisions ever. After having lost my dad to COVID in May 2021, I was full of fear when my kids got COVID in January 2022. But I had to be strong for them. I recently tested positive, and I was devastated. But I reminded myself that staying positive would help me heal. And I’ve taken this down time to take care of myself. To love myself dearly.

And the importance of self-love and self-care have once again knocked on my door.


By Marissa Quintero

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