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Viva Mental Health and Wellness is a multi-city mental health practice with a focus on holistic treatment.

Viva co-founders Rachel and Jor-El work with our Run Chapter Captains to put mental health and wellness top of mind when leading group runs.

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Run Chapters

Want to run with Still I Run running warriors like you? Join a Run Chapter near you to meet, network, and RUN with other members of the Still I Run virtual community.

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We are not like other running groups.

Most running groups focus on the physical and/or competitive aspects of running. We are taking the running group model and flipping the script by focusing on the mental health benefits of running regularly.

We partner with Viva Mental Health and Wellness to be intentional in placing our focus on the mental health aspects of running.

Find a Run Chapter near you

There are official Still I Run Chapters available across the United States — each group is run by a Captain or Co-Captains local to the area the chapter serves. Captains and Co-Captains are dedicated and passionate individuals that are familiar with mental illness and all it entails.


When you join a Chapter, you'll not only gain accountability through regularly scheduled runs, but you'll also gain a community of like-minded individuals that understand where you are at and what you are battling. 

Participation is FREE

Yes, FREE! There is no cost to joining a Run Chapter.

While participation is free, we do need you to sign our Safety and Liability Waiver. Once signed, you are covered for all future group runs.

No Runner Left Behind

Our run chapters have a strict no runner left behind policy, so no matter how fast or slow you go, someone will be with you every step of the way.


In our mind it's not about speed or distance because we truly believe that Forward is a Pace. Come join a run chapter today!

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