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Mindset Shift…

So there’s this process I learned this week and no lie. It’s working out pretty well so far.

I realize this is not rocket science, and people have been doing this for a very long time. However, I still need to share because I truly believe it could make a big difference.

You are in control of your thoughts.

Read that again ⬆️.


Even 3 days ago I was still skeptical. Probably more a case of denial if I’m being honest, lol.

But I put this theory to the test and 🤯.

So here it is….

  • Something happens. We’ll call it a circumstance, and it is completely out of your control.

  • You have a thought about that circumstance. Good, bad, ugly, it doesn’t matter.

  • That thought then makes you feel an emotion. Happiness 😊, sadness 🙁, rage 😡, frustration 😣.

  • That emotion causes you to act in a certain way.

  • And then culminates in a result.

Still with me??


So say you don’t like the result. Go back to the action you took that caused the result. Then go back to what you were feeling that caused you to take that action. (Do you know where I’m going with this??). Now go back to the thought that made you feel that way and see if you can identify the circumstance.

Here’s the challenge.

✨ Change your thought and see how things could be different.

Example: You have a rough night’s sleep. You think, omg, this is going to be the worst day ever. You start feeling anxious and annoyed and worried about the big training run you have on your calendar. Your partner, spouse, mom, etc. (doesn’t matter who) walks in the door an hour later and forgot to pick up the groceries. You lose it and start questioning whether or not they ever listen to a thing you say.

So you can’t change the circumstance, but instead of thinking the worst, change your thoughts. Man, not getting enough sleep is rough. Instead of doing X this morning, I’m going to play the day by ear and either do an easy, low-key run, or take the day off completely and go for a walk instead. Now you feel relaxed and prepared and are able to greet your partner, spouse, mom, etc. at the door and remind them in a joking manner about picking up the groceries.

Completely. Different. Story.

Mindset shift.

No lie, I did this no less than 4 times in the last 24 hours and the load I have been carrying around has been lifted tenfold. I feel less angry and frustrated and much more at peace.

To be able to breathe 🧘🏻‍♀️ a little deeper is a freedom I cannot describe.

If this is something that helps you too, please share!!

I love ❤️ hearing and celebrating the little wins 🏆.


By Deb Thurlow

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