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How Running Became My Therapy and Happy Place

Brandi reached out to me several months ago after hearing about Still I Run on a Runified podcast, a podcast ABOUT runners, curated BY a runner. In her note, Brandi shared with me her journey of mental health and running and while I was reading what she shared, I could just FEEL the passion in her words. When she closed out her note, asking how she could help Still I Run in some way, I knew JUST the thing. I asked her to share her story with you. I hope you’re as inspired by her words as I am.


This is me and my husband after our first marathon in May 2012. I was so happy and so proud!

brandi and husband
Family photo 2

The Diagnosis

After seeking help, I was diagnosed with acute depression. It was explained to me that the constant anxiety had depleted my serotonin levels and that’s why I was feeling the way I was. I asked for coping strategies, but was told there was no point in coping strategies until my serotonin levels were back to normal. That could be achieved through antidepressants.

Family photo

Structured Running

I had always run casually. I knew running was good for me and my brain, so I started running in a more structured manner. That structure was found in the form of training plans. The structure was in place to encourage me to run even on the days when I least felt like it. Achieving runs on those bad days was powerful – I was “sticking it to the darkness”. Every time I defied my brain, which was telling me that I didn’t feel like running (or doing anything), I felt empowered. I then started to run more and achieve distances and paces that I never imagined. That gave me confidence and made me feel even more empowered.

Running as therapy


By Brandi

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