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Breaking the Stigma – Running Through Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression almost always gets the best of me. Almost.

Tis is the FIRST TIME I’ve 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥 stayed active through the entire month of December. I went so far as to check my Garmin and Strava to confirm. Some years there are one or two short runs, but most have had zero.

This December, I walked and ran nearly 100 miles.

In 2021, things were different. I surrounded myself with supportive, loving people. In order to make a schedule and hold me accountable, I hired a coach. I ran with my dog. And, I used my sun lamp. These things alone, however, did not solely fix my situation.

When I found the Breaking Stigma in Stride 5k sponsored by Still I Run and Altra Running, I decided to do something meaningful to me this year. Mental and seasonal illnesses may usually prevent me from doing one of the most helpful activities in my toolbox, but this time it would also motivate me. I wanted to help break the stigma.

At first, it wasn’t intentional.

I didn’t realize what month it was; I just knew running was having a positive effect on my life. Once I got through the first couple of weeks, I became aware that I was doing something I had never done before. Not only was I pursuing a personal record – but I was also showing others it could be done.

Running through Seasonal Depression IS possible!

Sometimes, when struggling with depression, it’s difficult to muster intrinsic motivation. This cause was exactly what I needed to continue to push. Sometimes by helping others, you’re also helping yourself. Our voices need to be heard.

Perhaps your story can provide someone else the motivation they need to get out the door today.

This is the most meaningful 5k I will have done to date. It signifies more than running 3.1 miles.

This 5k says I survived!


By Christine Linehan

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