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Team Still I Run Member, Chris, has a Message for You

When Chris woke up to run the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon with Team Still I Run, he put on a bright green shirt with “hey you, YOU MATTER” written boldly across the back. He knew thousands of people would read those words and he hoped it would make someone’s day.

If you’ve ever met Chris, the sentiment on his shirt wouldn’t surprise you. He’s always working to put this message out into the universe—whether he’s running or pacing marathons, coaching kids, or acting as a Still I Run Ambassador. He’s committed to doing whatever he can to give back to the community and inspire everyone around him.

Making the Connection:

Chris discovered Still I Run when he heard founder Sasha Wolff on Lindsey Hein’s I’ll Have Another podcast in May of 2021. Chris is passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health issues and he immediately connected with our mission. He’s also a strong believer in the power of running to help improve mental health for himself and others.

When Chris learned that he could apply to run the New York City Marathon with Team Still I Run, he was all in. He was already thinking about entering this event and loved the idea of bringing together running and fundraising for a cause that resonated with him.

Chris has talked openly about his mental health journey on social media for years and he’s gained lots of fans in the process. He has close to 1,500 followers on Instagram. He knew he could tap into this platform to support Still I Run and he wasn’t wrong—his fundraising page hit $1,500 in less than a day and he ended up raising over $1,760!

Part of Chris’s fundraising success is rooted in his belief that no donation is too small. He encouraged people to give any amount because he knows it can add up quickly. If you can get 30 people to donate even $10 each, you’ve now got $300. Those “little” donations can make a big difference when you tap into a supportive community.

“Welcome to Queens. Now get out:"

The TCS New York City Marathon wasn’t Chris’s first experience running 26.2 miles. He’s done over a dozen marathons and counting, including Boston and Chicago. When asked how his marathon experiences compared, he exclaimed, “New York is crazy!” He said it was everything you’d expect from New York City and more, including a sign that read: “Welcome to Queens. Now get out.”

Chris was especially grateful for the incredible excitement and loud support of the crowds as he made his way through all five city boroughs. Before the race started, he had some concerns that the anxiety and intrusive thoughts he sometimes struggles with might slow him down, but all that positive energy kept him going strong.

Next on the Horizon:

Chris always has a lot on his plate, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. In addition to work and family life, he’s got more races on his calendar and he’s enjoying serving as a Still I Run Ambassador. In this role, he’s helping to raise awareness of our mission and programs, including our Starting Line Scholarship, which strives to remove the barriers blocking people from running for their mental health.

You can find out more about Chris in our profile from September and keep up with him on Instagram.


By Heather Mansfield

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