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Still I Run's Ambassadors Share Why They Go to Therapy

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

For many of us here at Still I Run, therapy is a key component of our mental health toolkit. Since we're all about defeating the stigma, we asked a few of our ambassadors why they go to therapy because we know that the more we talk about these topics, the more we can shed light on this valuable mental health tool!

"I go to therapy as a constant reminder that I'm not the only person on earth with my anxious thoughts and emotions. I started therapy when I was 25 and wish I could have learned how not alone I am much sooner!" - Kim

"Therapy is a safe place to talk and build skills that help me thrive in spite of being bipolar" - Christine

​"Therapy has allowed me to breathe again. It asks the hard questions that forces me to think outside of my own head. And it has helped me with different tools to use when anxiety hits." - Kym

​"I go to therapy for an outside opinion, for someone to tell me the thoughts I have are ok, and that I'm not alone." - Brenda

​"Therapy saved me. Trying to handle the demons on my own and noticing I was losing. It is life changing and I'm so happy I go!" - Arturo

​"Therapy helps me understand more about myself - My thoughts, my actions & my reactions. My therapist helps me to better manage my anxiety & ADHD so that I am calmer & more focused." - Shoshana

"I go to therapy to process my feelings, especially during difficult times. I cry, I vent and sometimes just to check in. My therapy is my time to be me." - Michelle

"I go to therapy to work through my anxiety and to find me again. I also go to therapy to show others that it is okay to ask for help, we all need it from time to time." - Laura

"Therapy is where I can talk about my feelings, emotions and fears in a safe place. After talking through them, they don't have control over me." - Darlene

"I go to therapy to learn how to handle my triggers and deal with my PTSD from child sexual and emotional abuse, rape and domestic violence." - Heidi

"Along with medication, running and yoga, I need therapy to navigate the hills and valleys of my mental health. Therapy is an essential tool in my arsenal against depression." - Megan

"Therapy helps me see my spinning from different angles and get strategies to step out of it. Therapy gives me strength and confidence." - Ashley


By Sasha Wolff

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