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Keep fighting: persistence and exercise is mental health care

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I didn’t start out by running track in school. Things didn’t change until I discovered persistence and exercise. I started out running when I weighed close to 270 1bs. Before that, I was addicted to meth and a alcoholic and suicide survivor. Now, persistence and exercise are my norm.

It came to a point where I was getting drunk every day. I either had to drink myself to death or quit it completely.

With the help of friends and family members, I was able to get clean and sober.

I’ve been sober for over 7 years now.

In those 7 years I’ve run ultra marathons and other races. I’ve also began training mixed martial arts.

Running and martial arts have been very important part of my recovery and mental health.

Last year my dad passed away from Parkinson’s and dementia. The next morning I was training Jiu jitsu with my friends.

A few years ago a close friend of mine passed away in a accident and I dealt with it by running a half marathon on a treadmill. Without running and mixed martial arts, I don’t think I could have remained sober.

My life isn’t perfect but it’s really beautiful compared to where I once was.


By Brian

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