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Chatting with the Route 48 Team about Men’s Mental Health

I love the work I get to do for Still I Run. And on some days, I REALLY LOVE it. Today, I’m feeling this high because I had the opportunity to Zoom chat with five amazing men who are raising money and awareness for mental health through a once-in-a-lifetime challenge. Nico, David, Drew, Alex, Luke, and ten other friends are doing the David Goggins Challenge as they drive a renovated bus from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Los Angeles, California. If you’re not familiar, the Goggins challenge is where you run four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours. While the Route 48 crew is driving from Utah to California, they’ll stop at 12 different locations along the way to get their four miles every four hours.

Opening up about men’s mental health

On April 15, the eve of their journey, I had an awesome chat with Nico, David, Drew, Alex, and Luke about why they decided to do this for mental health, and Still I Run in particular. I also got to learn more about the challenge, the bus, and their biggest fears about the challenge. More importantly, though, we go into some deep stuff about how it’s particularly important for men to share their mental health struggles because it truly does help defeat the stigma.

Sports meant everything

These five individuals all were once collegiate athletes (and one former professional soccer player) where sports meant everything. After athletics were no longer their life though, they each experienced a valley of sorts. It was so refreshing to hear them speak so candidly about their personal mental health journeys and how what they’ve experienced led them here…. running four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours as a team to raise mental health awareness for others.

I’m so honored they chose Still I Run as their charity of choice and I’m even more honored to share a piece of their story with you.

Follow their amazing journey

You can check out more of their journey on their official Instagram account at @official_route_48.


By Sasha Wolff

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