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Realbuzz Running Opportunities

​We have teamed up with Realbuzz, a charity running partner program, to offer you a chance to run incredible events around the world in support of Still I Run.


This is the perfect opportunity to run for Still I Run, promote running for mental health, and raise awareness surrounding mental illness.


These events are offered by Realbuzz. Realbuzz charges a deposit to hold a spot in the race for you based on the number of entries they have. You are guaranteed entry into the event when you reach 75% of their fundraising target at least 30 days before registration for that event closes. Your initial deposit is refunded once you reach 100% of the fundraising target.

The event initial deposit, fundraising targets, and fundraising requirements are set and managed by Realbuzz.

Runner Crossing Finish Line

Start Your Journey

How it works


Find and reserve a place

Find a Realbuzz event and reserve your place. In order to reserve your place, you'll be asked to pay a refundable deposit. If you meet the fundraising requirement, that deposit is fully refunded.


Get your Unique Code

When you reach 75% of the fundraising target set by Realbuzz at least 30 days prior to registration close, you'll receive a unique registration code for your event.


Create your Page

Once you've reserved your place, create your fundraising page on our platform, or choose your own. Either way, share your public fundraising link with Realbuzz so they can keep track of your fundraising progress.


Cross the Finish Line

Celebrate your fundraising accomplishments and cross the finish line knowing that you've made our mission to advocate and educate the benefits of running for mental health.

Start Your Journey

Create your personal fundraising page

You are not required to utilize our fundraising platform; however, if you choose your own platform and decline allowing Realbuzz to share your contact information with us at the time of signup, you will not receive any of the team perks we offer our Realbuzz and Bring Your Own Bib team members — including your exclusive Team Still I Run jersey.



Team Jersey

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