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One of the best ways to combat the spread of the coronavirus is to self-quarantine and employ social distancing tactics. Because of that, many of our races have been canceled or postponed and lots of gyms are closed for the time being as well. Luckily, running is something you can do anywhere, but what do you do when your local YMCA is closed? Well, we asked the Still I Run community to share their favorite home workout programs and we’ve compiled them all here for you!

We know the current situation is scary and can cause a lot of anxiety, but if you’re up for it, a quick run or home workout can help you feel a little better. And hey, if you don’t There’s a whole community of us mental health warriors that are in all this together! Remember, you’re not alone.

Free Workouts

  1. Motive Training (4-week program)

  2. TB Trackstar (Originally $12, now $0)

  3. Workouts from Bethany ( on Instagram

  4. Fitness Blender (over 500 free workouts)

  5. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube

  6. Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube

  7. Nike Training app (iOS, Android)

  8. Amazon Prime Workouts (free with Prime)

  9. The Live Fit Girl on YouTube

  10. Millionaire Hoy on YouTube

  11. Sydney Cummings on YouTube

  12. Funky Buddha Yoga on Sound Cloud

  13. DownDog app (Yoga and HIIT)

  14. Arnold Schwarzenegger home workout

Free Trial Memberships

  1. Daily Burn – First 30 days free

  2. Peloton App – 90 days free

  3. Beach Body on Demand – First 14 days free

  4. Charge Running – use discount code ‘ TWOWEEKSFREE ‘ (this is a great virtual running app which is all about running with others no matter where you are!)

  5. Jillian Michaels – First 7 days free

  6. Booya Fitness – First 30 days free

  7. FitBit Premium – 90 days free

  8. Body By Choice – 6 weeks of HIIT training for $1


  1. The V Trainer

  2. The Body Coach UK

Have any we might have missed? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

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3/16/2020 | 2 min read

Workouts You Can Do at Home

By Sasha Wolff

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