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When I am stressed, it means that something is out of balance in my life.

Perhaps I have been burning the midnight oil at work.

Maybe I have neglected to hit my deadlines.

Maybe... just maybe… I am simply sad and stressed for no particular reason at all.

For me, running is a great stress reliever. The simplicity of putting on my running shoes and letting myself go for a run allows my brain to tune in and, in a way, tune out. Running is so beautiful in the way it can morph into what we need at any given time.

If I need time to think…. running.

If I need a space to not think about anything at all…running.

If I need time with a friend to catch up…you got it…running.

I used to only turn to running as my end all be all for coping with stress. However, this turned out to be a very slippery slope. Your stress release cannot be solely one thing. For me, a stress reliever can also be talking with family and friends, yoga, playing music, reading, a special face mask or any spa-like experience!

Running causes stress when I put too much pressure on it and myself. So lately, I have been running for the fun of it! How many miles today? Where do I want to explore? How do I want to feel? I try to make it fun because it should be!

I run to be at peace. I run to get excited. I run to be the best version of myself. I run for fun and I hope you do too! For me, running is that best friend that you can laugh, cry, and pee your pants with (I know we have all been there on the run!). When life feels like it is all a mess, stress less and go for a run!

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4/11/2022 | 2 min read

When Life is a Mess, Stress Less and Go for a Run!

By Lauren Delesky

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