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Run your last mile of your #SIRunstreak and fundraise at the same time

You guys… I’m SO excited to share that on May 31, you have the opportunity to complete your last mile of the #SIRunstreak with others from Still I Run! Before I share more though, let me back up a bit. Earlier this month, the Social Charity Club of Grand Rapids approached me about holding a fundraiser for Still I Run. I’ve never done a straight up fundraiser for Still I Run, so I was a bit scared. We’re going to start making a push for donations soon though, so I said YES to the idea. The idea behind the Social Charity Club is that every month, they choose a non-profit to raise money for with a GIVE. SIP. SOCIALIZE type of event. The donation to the charity is actually your ticket, so depending on how much you want to give (either $10 as a Social Supporter or $25 as a Charity Champion), you get a drink, appetizers, and the opportunity to meet with other generous people in the community.


For Still I Run though, we’re mixing it up a bit. We’re adding a run/walk portion. Since the fundraiser is on the LAST day of the month and that’s also the LAST day of the #SIRunstreak Challenge, I thought that would be such a cool way for those of us in the area to run together! I’ll have a course mapped out so you don’t even need to think about it. There will be an air horn start by Emily Linnert of WOODTV 8, and we’ll have some simple finisher’s goodies from one of our sponsors, Crop Marks Printing, at the end. Plus, if you already used your custom race bib I sent you, or if you want to save yours for a later date, you’ll get another one at the fundraiser. Also, everyone that attends will have their name entered to win one of two gift baskets that were generously donated by yet another sponsor, Creative Studio Promotions. I’m currently in the process of inviting everyone I know from the mental health community and everyone I know from the running community so that we can all be together in the same room. What an incredible way for people from both of those communities to get to know each other.

Why you should participate

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the #SIRunstreak Challenge, or you missed out on it, you should still come to the event and participate. The 1-mile run/walk we’re doing is for mental health and the point is to dedicate that mile to a loved one with a mental health condition or someone you lost to suicide. Every person that participates in the 1-mile run/walk will get a custom race bib to write the name of your loved one on. You can then wear that bib while you do your mile! What better way to close out Mental Health Awareness Month than by dedicating a mile to it?!

Custom Race Bib


By Sasha Wolff

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