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Wow… you all did not make my job easy. Over the past month and a half we received so many WONDERFUL applications for the 2019 Still I Run Ambassador program. People from 25 different states and FOUR different countries applied to represent SIR over the course of this year. I have to be honest, when I started digging into the applications, I got overwhelmed. There were SO many amazing applications and I’ve gotten to know so many of you personally through Instagram or Facebook. You all are incredible individuals. I wanted to make sure I was as unbiased as possible in the selection process, so I invited a couple of people from the SIR community to help me out. We all went through the applications separately and made our Top Picks lists. From there, lists were compared and I’d say close to 85% of our picks all matched. That helped me feel pretty confident in the final candidates. Someday, I hope Still I Run can support more than 20 ambassadors, but for now, this is the best we can do with the resources given. Thank you to everyone that applied. I am truly grateful for you and honored to know you are out there fighting the stigma through running. So, without further ado, please join me in welcoming our 2019 SIR ambassadors! We’ll do more formal introductions later this month!

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Introducing the 2019 SIR Ambassadors

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