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We have all heard of the saying in the mental health world, “it’s ok to not be ok.”  I love this saying and encourage people to be truthful about how they are feeling on a daily basis.  With the rose filter that social media can portray on a person’s life, the reminder that it is ok for things to be hard, for a day to be going crummy, for a run to stink or to feel downright down in the dumps is a pleasant reminder.  I appreciate when people are vulnerable and share their ‘it’s not ok’ times.

How Anxiety Gets In the Way

BUT I have to be honest here for a minute because being raw and real is what I am all about.  There are many times that my anxiety does not allow me to feel ok when things are going well. There’s a lying pest on my shoulder that often makes me question why things are going well at certain times.  Some of the things my anxiety will say to me include: “What makes you so special to deserve good times in your life?” “If things are going so well now certainly something terrible is going to happen soon.” “You might as well prepare for the worst now because these smooth seas cannot last forever.” “Enjoy this wonderful moment now because it is not going to last long.” The anxiety that I battle daily makes me repeat “it’s ok to be ok, Kari” over and over in my head.  While I am enjoying fun times with daughters or we have multiple days in a row with nobody getting sick, I remember, “it’s ok to be ok.” When a run feels easy or I am feeling strong during a group exercise class I think, “it’s ok to be ok.”  If I get a phone call from a friend or a family member with exciting news, and things are going swimmingly for them, the mantra continues – “it’s ok to be ok.” Over and over during the joyful, exciting and just plain easy times, I have to tell myself that “it’s ok to be ok” so that my anxiety does not step in and ruin an otherwise great moment.

Your Friendly Reminder

So I am here to remind you, while it is, of course, ok to not be ok. But it is also just as important to remember that it is ok to be ok.  You deserve to feel ok and you deserve to enjoy that feeling of being ok!  Anxiety might make you feel like you are constantly on the edge of your seat, ready to put out the fire that will surely pop up in your life but when things are going well, try to truly enjoy them!  Ground yourself and savor the moments.  Pop your earbuds out while you are running and listen to the sounds surrounding you, take an extra minute to smell the jasmine on your walk, feel the gravel crunching under each step you take or notice how the color of the grass changes in the sunlight. Life comes with many peaks and valleys, so when you are at the peaks remember: it’s ok to be ok. You deserve to feel ok and your anxiety should not have that power to take that away. Feel ok, own the comfortable feelings, and enjoy those everyday moments!

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