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Here at Still I Run we want to do more than create a community around running for mental health. We want to have a direct impact on those around us.

Our Programs

Every one of the programs we have developed either raise mental health awareness, help people start their running journey for mental health, inspire people to get out and run, or simply provide encouragement and support to those in need.


Starting Line Scholarship

Not everyone has the funds, knowledge, or accountability needed to start running for mental health. That's why we've created the Starting Line Scholarship which aims to help people overcome the barriers preventing them from getting started running. We provide all of the tools necessary to get them to the starting line of a 5k or 10k race and then cheer them on as a community.


Ambassador Program

Our community grows and thrives through our ambassadors. Our ambassadors spread the word about Still I Run in an organic way though real people passionate about the benefits of running for mental health, defeating the stigma around mental health, and connecting with others in a powerful way.


Chapter Program

While Still I Run is a virtual online community, the Chapter Program exists to bring a portion of our virtual community to physical locations across the nation. These are smaller, geographically tied Still I Run communities where you can meet, network, and RUN together somewhere near you.

Writing Letters

This is one of the first programs we launched at Still I Run and it's one we're very fond of! If someone is going through a difficult time, they can request a note of encouragement. Once we get that request, someone from the Still I Run letter writing team will take an actual pen to actual paper and write a friendly, encouraging note.


Team Still I Run

This program encourages community members to run for mental health awareness while also raising funds for our mission. Once you reach a fundraising minimum, you are automatically made a member of Team Still I Run, earn a team shirt, and gain access to exclusive Team-only clubs and discounts. 

Like what you see?

Help us keep funding our amazing programs and support or efforts to expand our programming. Still I Run is 100% volunteer led. As such, all of our programs are funded entirely by donations, sponsors, and partnerships. They would not be possible otherwise.

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