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Still I Walk (And, Once in a While, I Do Intervals)

Why do I walk almost every single day? In short, I feel better. Much like I know I feel better when I consume caffeine in moderation, or I limit my alcohol intake significantly, I know I feel better when I integrate a walk or two into the rhythm of my day.

When I walk, I feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Still I Walk: My Mental Health

When I walk, I feel better in my head. It’s not only an effective way to clear it figuratively, it’s literally science. A walk, even a short one, increases ‘happy chemicals’ in my brain. The vitamin D I get from walking outside also plays a part in healthy brain function.

Still I Walk: My Emotional Health

When I walk, I feel better in my heart. I love walking with friends and family, or going solo. I love walking in the fresh air with sunshine, snow, or rain. I love walking when I spot a beautiful bird or see a faint rainbow in the sky. I love meeting on Sundays for the weekly 5k with our local SIR community. This is the stuff that makes me smile.

Still I Walk: My Physical Health

When I walk, I feel better in my own skin. And yes, sure, also in my clothes. Walking often enough helps me stay physically healthy, and to some people, surprisingly so much more fit than if I didn’t. I am more comfortable and confident when I am taking care of my body and feeling thin as an organic result.

Still I Walk: My Health is ‘My Why’

A routine walk supports my overall well-being. I walk for the health of my mind, my soul, and my body. I walk for me.


Katie Maichrye is a Still I Run community member and participates in our Grove City, Ohio Run Chapter.


By Katie Maichrye

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