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Come For A Virtual Run With Katie

Hi ya’ll, I’m Katie, one of the Still I Run ambassadors and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. We’re currently in the middle of summer here and the weather here is just gorgeous for outdoor running. On this run I’m sharing with you, it was over 90F/33C and over 80% humidity according to Google. I always find I’m much more cheerful when I’ve been running, especially so when I’ve been running with friends. For this run I set my timer on my watch to beep at me every two minutes so that I could stop and take a picture for you. This helped me to stay in the moment and really take notice of the beauty in the world surrounding me. I also felt like I was running with all of you, my new running friends, right there with me. So please, come on a virtual running adventure in the city with me?


By Katie Bennett

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