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2021 Still I Run Ambassador Spotlight: Abby

This we’re introducing 2021 Still I Run ambassador, Abby!!! You can follow Abby’s adventures on Instagram by checking her out at @nursetorunner.

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself

I live in Columbus Ohio and work as a Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer. I started running in my early 20s, had to take a break for a few years then started up again a few years ago. It’s a part of my daily routine and I can’t live without it!

Why are you passionate about running for mental health?

Running helped me through the darkest time of my life when my early 20s. I was suffering with anxiety and depression. Running was my way of relieving my anxiety and talking through the emotions I was having. Running was how I coped with my struggles. Even though I’ve had my depression and anxiety under control for many years, I contribute that all to my daily morning runs. Running clears my head and is the best thing for my own mental health.

Do you have a running mantra?

I can run, I will run.

Where is your favorite place to run?


What are you most proud of (running or non running related)?

Running related, my first half marathon. I trained myself. Not running related, becoming a nurse.

Favorite running moment you’d love to re-live?

My husband proposed to me while we were out running a nearby trail. Best run ever.

2021 Still I Run Ambassador Spotlight: Abby

What’s your favorite way to recover after a run?

I love coming back from a run, chugging water, then having my breakfast and coffee. Then I spend a few minutes stretching, followed by the best shower ever.

What’s one fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I had my boating license before my drivers license.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No way!

2021 Still I Run Ambassador Spotlight: Abby


By Sasha Wolff

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