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Group Run Locations

Gender Health Center

3823 V Street, Sacramento, CA 95817, USA

Every Tuesday at 5:30pm

For the latest on upcoming runs and events — including cancelations or location changes, catch us on social.

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Chapter Captains

Sara Seberger

Official Still I Run Chapter

Sacramento, CA

Welcome to the Still I Run Sacramento Chapter! Our chapter is partnered with the Gender Health Center and together we aim to create a supportive, brave, and inclusive community that is focused on proactive self-care. In my experience, exercise can profoundly improve mental health and I am dedicated to building a space where we can motivate and encourage one another on our individual journeys and work to raise awareness for mental health issues and challenges that exist today in our community. We encourage you to join us on a 1-mile loop as we take time to move (in whatever way you choose) for mental health. We welcome all ages and paces - no one will be left behind! Let's get moving together. Forward is a pa

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