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We have adopted a Community Code of Conduct

We are proud to announce that we have adopted a Community Code of Conduct for the Still I Run community!

Our Code of Conduct

Patty and Kari forming a heart with their arms.
Patty and Kari forming a heart with their arms.

This allows the community to communicate their stories safely. It also establishes a baseline for expected behavior by community members and outlines a process for dealing with unwelcome behavior. As a result, we can provide an emotionally safe, non-triggering, and enjoyable community space for everyone to experience.

The Still I Run community is for everyone. And as the community continues to grow, we need a baseline expectation for participation. As such, the adoption of a formal Community Code of Conduct ensures we can provide a welcoming community for all.

This applies to Still I Run’s community, Facebook groups, forums, events, and programs. Continued participating means you agree to adhere to this standard.

Mental Health and Safety

The Still I Run team and community are not mental health professionals.

Due to the nature of mental health and mental illnesses, we want to protect our community members. This Code of Conduct defines a process for reporting or alerting of a mental health crisis within our community. It also ensures the personal safety of all members and protection of community members.


By Laura M

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