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Chapter Program: Start a Chapter

Become a Chapter Captain

Grove City Ohio Chapter holiday fun run
Still I Run Flag

The Chapter Program relies on community members to lead our chapters. Being a Chapter Captain means you are passionate about mental health, believe in and want to promote Still I Run's mission, and are interested in organizing a local community of Still I Run running warriors.

Check out our current Run Chapters list and see if there is one already in your area.

Right now we are currently looking to start chapters in the following areas:

Joint Base Lewis McChord (Tacoma, WA)
Joint Base Langley Eustis (Newport News, VA)

Camp LeJeune (Jacksonville, NC)

Fort Gregg Adams (Petersburg, Colonial Heights, and Hopewell, VA)

Fort Hood (Killeen, TX)

Washington, DC
New York City, NY
Chicago, IL

Alameda, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Oakridge, TN

If you are from one of these areas and are interested in applying, please fill out the form. All others can email

Captain Expectations


Organize Group Runs

One of the biggest aspects of a Still I Run Chapter are the group runs. As a Captain, you'd be responsible for hosting every run for your chapter. This means mapping a route, greeting runners, and showing up. 


Foster a Community

Still I Run is an online, entirely virtual community. The Chapter Program creates a small, local, geo-located community of Still I Run right in your area. As a Captain, you'd be fostering this community.



We expect you to be supportive of all of the participants in your Chapter wherever they are in their running and mental health journey. These Chapters are safe places for the community and are subject to the Code of Conduct that governs all Still I Run spaces.

Still I Run will also provide support through the Chapter Program Manager. As an official chapter, you'll also get a food/water stipend, Captain shirts, and a flag.


Find a Location

Research your local area and find a fun, dedicated meeting spot for your Chapter. We recommend that you keep the location and meet-up days/times consistent. Please be sure the location you find is accessible and safe.



We expect you to communicate regularly with your Chapter participants.  You cannot build community if you do not regularly engage. You'll be required to either use Facebook or Instagram for official chapter purposes, but then also highly recommend creating an email or text list where you can keep chapter participants updated on cancellations, pop-up runs, and more!



As the leader of your chapter, you are responsible for all facets of your group. This means marketing, planning, engaging with the community and your chapter, and more. This is a serious volunteer opportunity and we expect volunteers to put in at least one hour a week, outside of meet-ups, on their chapter.

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