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Life with Bipolar 2

My name is Kim, and I have been stuck in a depressive episode since October 2020 as a result of bipolar disorder type 2. You may wonder why it has been so long. I wonder that myself. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 in December 2020, and my life came crashing in. At first, I was angry and upset because it meant a lifetime of medications and treatment. Then I realized that it meant hope. I continue to fight this disease every day and remain pretty depressed.

What is it like to deal with bipolar 2 every day?

Imagine being in a dark hole and having to crawl out of it every morning. I don’t remember the last time I felt good. It means being fake and putting on a “smile” for loved ones and strangers. It has meant that I have had to be away from work and start a partial hospitalization program. This disease has made me not want to be here anymore. It is lonely and takes away everything you love and adore. Running is not enjoyable when I feel this way, and it is a struggle to just get out of bed.

This is my life, but it is not my end

If this sounds horrible, it is because it is horrible. This is depression. This is bipolar 2. This is my life, but it is not my end. If you are fighting, know that I am fighting with you. To my fellow warriors, never give up.


By Kim Sundling

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