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Group Run Locations

Garden Home Rec Center

7475 Southwest Oleson Road, Portland, OR 97223, USA

1st Saturday of the Month: 9AM @ 7475 Southwest Oleson Road, Portland OR 97223
3rd Saturday of the Month: 9AM @ Waterfront Run. Meet at Elizabeth Caruthers Park. 3508 S Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97239

For the latest on upcoming runs and events — including cancelations or location changes, catch us on social.

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Chapter Captains

Shoshana Gordon

Official Still I Run Chapter

Greater Portland, OR

I'm Shoshana and I'm excited to start the first SIR Run Club in Oregon. We will have 2 runs a month (each a different location) that are meant to be fun & relaxed. Hopefully, adding in a coffee or brunch after some of the runs to get to know each other.

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