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Cori Canty Woessner


December 2023

Cori Canty Woessner

Cori started running in 2012 when her best friend told her she wasn't taking care of herself, and she challenged her to a 5K. She had spent so much time taking care of her children, all three of whom have different levels of disabilities and mental illnesses - from mild to severe - that she was neglecting herself. Running quickly became a way for Cori to reset herself and deal with the complex trauma of trying to care for her youngest child amidst his psychosis, continuous dysregulation, and multiple hospitalizations, while trying to keep her other two children's lives as normal as possible. Still I Run's mission is near and dear to Cori's heart, in that running supports her personal mental health, and the more it is discussed openly, the more we can defeat the stigma around it.

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