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May Run Streak

MAY 1-31, 2023 | VIRTUAL, United States & Canada

Silver Level


Running Arm Sleeves

RokBAND multifunctional headband

Physical Race Bib


Gold Level


Moisture Wicking Race Shirt

Reversible Comfort Visor

Running Arm Sleeves

RokBAND multifunctional headband

Physical Race Bib


Bronze Level

Challenge Only, No Race Package

Printable Race Bib

Downloadable Tracker


What is
Run Streak?

Still I Run is a 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes the benefits of running for mental health.

The Run Streak is our annual virtual event during the entire month of May which is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Every May we host this run streak to help raise awareness and funds for mental health. If you're unfamiliar, a run streak is where you run consecutive days over a period of time.


Throughout the month, we challenge our community to join us while we run (or walk or ski or skate or move) at least one mile every day in May for mental health awareness. By the end of the month you'll have completed a run streak of 31 miles for mental health! 

Not interested in run streaking? Or want to participate in the run streak but aren't interested in the swag?  Do you want 100% of your contribution to go directly toward our mission? Just want to support the cause and cheer on our runstreakers? Consider donating directly or sponsoring the event.

How does it work?

Ready to become a runstreaker for mental health? You can join the May 2023 Run Streak by selecting a virtual race package, register through our race partner Gone for a Run, and get hyped for your swag to arrive!

From May 1 through May 31, maintain your Run Streak by running at least one mile each day. Commemorate your progress in our official runstreaker challenge tracker and then share your achievement with your fellow mental health warriors in our Facebook group and on social media with the hashtag #SIRunStreak23 (and tag us @stillirun!).

You'll join and connect with hundreds of other mental health warriors on this Run Streak journey as you put in a mile each day, raise mental health awareness, and work toward 31 days of run streaking. Who knows, you may decide to continue your streak past May.


2023 Run Streak - Tee Gold (1).png
2023 Run Streak - Reversible Visor (G).png
2023 Run Streak - Armsleeves (GS).png
2023 Run Streak - Headband (GS).png
2023 Run Streak - bronze (1).png
Runstreak 2023 tracker.png
Runstreak 2023 tracker.png


    More ways to join    

Weekly Challenges!

We will be hosting themed challenges each full week during the Run Streak. These challenges will be in addition to our daily 1-mile Run Streak challenge.


Challenges will be announced via email and on our social media with instructions on how to participate.

Fulfill the criteria and you'll automatically be entered to win a fabulous prize from one of our Challenge Sponsors! Giveaway occurs each Saturday. One winner per challenge.


Strava Club

Tracking your run streak miles and our cumulative efforts putting in miles for mental health is easier than ever. Join our official Run Streak Club to connect with your fellow mental health run streakers, automatically track your run streak miles, and cheer each other on! 


Gone For A Run


Gone For A Run

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services


Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Integrity Counseling


Integrity Counseling




Challenge In-Kind Sponsors



Let's Roam

Let's Roam

Nox Gear

Nox Gear

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Still I Run?

Still I Run is the country’s only non-profit running community in the country that’s centered around mental health. Their goal is to promote the benefits of running for mental health, defeat the stigma through running, and provide a safe place for people to connect with one another over mental health and running. To learn more, visit

Where does the majority of my registration money go toward?

After purchasing swag and mailing everything out, all leftover funds goes to Still I Run’s work in promoting the benefits of running for mental health, defeating the stigma around mental illness, and helping people overcome any barriers they may have when it comes to running for their own mental health.

When will I get my swag?

We will begin to ship swag out in mid-April!

Can I walk some days and run others?

YES! As long as you get in at least one mile every day, that's all that counts! This isn't just about running, it's about being intentional about dedicating a mile of movement for mental health.

How does the Run Streak work exactly?

The Run Streak operates like a virtual run. You can run or walk your mile every day at your convenience. When you're done, you can post about it on our private Facebook page and/or your own social media account. Include #SIRunStreak24 so we can sheer you on!

I’d like to sponsor the Runstreak. How can I do that?

We’re happy you asked!! Take a look at our Sponsorship Packet and submit your request here.

What if there is a problem with my swag?

You can contact

What if I miss a day?

We understand that life has its unexpected twists and turns. If you have to skip a day or if you missed a day to care for yourself or others, that's totally okay because tomorrow is another day! We encourage you to do your best and to be kind to yourself.

How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles using our runstreaker challenge tracker, or marking it in your own personal journal or calendar. You can also track via our Strava Club too. Tracking miles is for your purposes only. Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you report them at the end of the month. We will say however, that keeping visual track of your miles throughout the month is a great motivator and we highly recommend it!

When does the Run Streak start?

The Run Streak starts May 1 and runs through May 31.
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